Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I've Discovered TED

I haven't posted to his blog in so long.

When I first created this blog, blogging was a new and exciting event. Then came myspace and I had to try that as well. Followed by Facebook and pretty soon every place was offering blogging. That's when I lost interest. I realized, personally, I simply don't have that much to say. Let alone anything important to share.

But I do still find things I enjoy sharing with others, things I thing other may like.

Recently I discoverd TED (link: TED's been out there for awhile, it's only new to me. None the less, it has many intersting videos of talks of interests given by people I admire and/or find fasinating.

One of my favorites is Jill Bolt Taylor talking about her "Stoke of Insight"

It moved me so much I had to purchase her book. It arrived this morning. Can't wait to read it.

Kind regards,