Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Join with me in the PoeticSOS Campaign to Save Our Schools

Please join with me in the PoeticSOS campaign to help our schools. The PoeticSOS campaign was created by Sherry Williams to help our California schools. If you or anyone you know is concerned about the quality of education in our state; please read this information, write letters, and then pass this information along to others. Working together, we can make a difference. Thank you – Deb.

Power Of E-mail To Inspire Californians - Save Our Schools (Poetic S.O.S.)

Dear parents, teachers, child and education advocates, and others concerned about children and quality education in California:

Governor Schwarzenegger is proposing that California eliminate the Proposition 98 minimum funding provision for education, passed by voters in 1988 - for more information about this, click here: ASCA School Funding Q & A. Of further concern, the governor is proposing that education be subjected to statewide "across the board" cuts as often as twice a year, if state expenditures exceed revenues. After already struggling from four consecutive years of budget cuts, these further cuts would be devastating to our schools and districts.

California’s schools are among the lowest funded in the nation. Our average class size is the second largest in the nation. At the same time, we have the most rigorous academic standards and one of the most stringent accountability systems in the nation. These high standards point the way to academic success for our students and future workers, but schools need adequate funding in order to fulfill that promise.

I feel that it is now a critical for all individuals concerned about school funding in California to speak up and be heard. California schools have already been cut back to the bare bones for years. Please help by becoming involved, writing to your elected officials, and letting your voices be heard.

Please learn all that you can and don't get tricked into signing one of the petitions currently being passed around to change Proposition 98!!


Sherry Williams, One Mom from Concord
Now Teamed with Parents and Many Others Throughout California including Poway Unified Education Advocates


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